About us

Orłowo Friends’ Society is an association with traditions from before World War II. It was founded in 1934 by a group of enthusiasts of this picturesque location. In 1987, after a gap of many years, some determined Orłowo dwellers reactivated the Society that was registered three years later. Since 2005 the Orłowo Friends’ Society have enjoyed a status of a non-profit, public benefit organization. The Society manages limited resources and rather small number of members, mostly elderly retired persons and is led by a circle of involved volunteers caring of sustainable development and protection of the Orłowo district’s qualities and its neighbouring Kolibki area.

What is more, the Society’s intensive efforts have resulted very positively in the development and conservation of the cultural landscape of this charmingly situated district in the southern part of Gdynia. The Society has worked out a good brand and reputation of an organization representing expertise, social force and courage in opposing / resisting to anyone who tries to infringe local rules and interfere threatens the natural and cultural environment or even tries to destroy the Orłowo’s qualities of its landscape and monuments.

Although the Society has been supporting the authorities of the City of Gdynia and its self-government with their social-oriented activities and professional opinions – we are not financed from outside funds. We rely on voluntary’s efforts of our members, friends and stakeholders and their passion to act pro publico bono. Limited proceeds collected in the form of membership fees, donations and proceeds originating from 1% of tax shares paid by stakeholders serve to run and maintain our historical seat, former fisherman’s house, in 1980 named Żeromski House, after an illustrious Polish writer (1864-1925). The house was totally reconstructed by the Society from their own resoures.

The Management Board of the Society of Orłowo Friends

  1. Sławomir Kitowski – President
  2. Danuta Mróz-Lisowska – Vice President
  3. Barbara Biniewska-Błażko – Secretary
  4. Iwona Wirszke – Treasurer
  5. Joanna Sakaluk – Member of the Management Board
  6. Małgorzata Ewert-Manikowska – Member of the Management Board
  7. Urszula Frąckiewicz-Heidrich – Member of the Management Board
  8. Zbigniew Barański – Member of the Management Board
  9. Maria Jolanta Sołtysik – Member of the Management Board

The Auditing Committee:

  1. Oliwia Grabowska-Kaczmarek – Chiarman of the Auditing Committee
  2. Bolesław Borzycki – Member of the Auditing Committee
  3. Leszek Kędzierski – Member of the Auditing Committee