The Society of Friends of Orłowo [Orwovo] is the organization representing the interests of various Orłowo [Orwovo] and Kolibki communities providing a forum for discussion of issues of joint concern and acting as their spokesperson.

The Society acts for the benefit of the whole community of Orłowo and Kolibki encompassing the sphere of public activities such as maintaining national traditions, cultivating Polish identity, developing civic and cultural consciousness, dissemination of civil liberties, promoting democracy.

One of our priorities is care of conservation of natural environment, landscape and cultural values of the neighbourhood; Keeping historical housing in a good state of preservation  – the picturesque and nostalgic remains of an old fishing village at the sea in harmony with the newly developed elegant villas.

The Society’s aims and goals are the following:

To contribute to a sustainable growth and development of Orłowo as an attractive district of the Gdynia City.

To disseminate knowledge of Orłowo history within the context of the history of Poland.

To cherish memories of Stefan Żeromski, illustrious writer, four times nominated to the Nobel Prize, great patriot who in 1920 lived in a fisherman’s cottage in Orłowo, now called after his name: Domek Żeromskiego – Żeromski House, at present the seat of our Society.

To initiate and promote cultural, educational, scientific and business activities and integration of the growing population of Orłowo

To care of Orłowo’s unique human, animal and flora habitat.