Our mission

To contribute to the sustainable growth and development of Orlovo as an attractive district of the Gdynia City. To preserve cultural, social and artistic heritage and identity of Orlovo community.

To initiate and support the inhabitants’ activity in the field of education, culture, science and economic activity. Protection of the human, natural and material environment.

Activities carried out:

Museum and exhibition activities:
• exhibition on the life and work of Stefan Żeromski (permanent historical exhibition),
• professional art exhibitions,
• fishing museum (open to the public).

Cultural activities:
• historical, literary and popular science meetings and lectures,
• chamber concerts.

Monument protection.

The Society works for the benefit of the whole community, covering the sphere of public tasks in maintaining national tradition, cultivating Polishness and the development of civic and cultural awareness, protection of cultural and traditional goods, ecology and protection of the natural heritage, it conducts activities supporting the development of the local community and dissemination of civil liberties and supporting activities development of democracy.

We participate in the comprehensive development of Orlov and Kolibek. The goal of the Society is to care about learning about the history of this area and its inhabitants, to preserve the environmental – natural, landscape, cultural and architectural values ​​of the area and to keep them in mind.